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How You Can Personalize Your Senior Living Experience

One of the common misconceptions people have about moving to a senior living community is that they will no longer be able to customize their home or their lifestyle in the way to which they’re accustomed. This is understandable: People who have never lived in a senior living community may not realize just how many […]

Taking Advantage of Your Retirement Years

There’s a good reason your retirement years are known as your Golden Years — you’ve been working towards this time for much of your life, and now you get to enjoy the fruits of all that labor. You’ve earned the retirement you want, full of entertainment, activity, leisure, and an easy and comfortable living experience […]

Why Living in a Senior Living Community is Financially Savvy

Amenities are lovely to hear about when researching a senior living community for your retirement years. Sure, who doesn’t want to do a little dreaming about beautifully landscaped grounds and courtyards, elegant dining options, a spacious residence, and pool-side living?  The luxuries are fabulous, and those planned for The Fairfax at First Community Village are […]

How Baby Boomers Are Changing Senior Living

People are looking to independent living communities for a sense of freedom and convenience, possibly even before retirement. The common denominator amongst the people in this phase of their lives is that many of them are included in the Baby Boomer generation. Baby boomers are having a large impact on retirement and senior living. This […]

Invest in Your Future Self By Joining a Senior Living Community

We hear it our whole lives — set yourself up for the future. More specific suggestions include, save a percentage of all your paychecks, make sure you’re contributing to your 401k, and the list goes on and on.  So as you age, how many of these boxes have you checked off?  Your needs change when […]