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How You Can Personalize Your Senior Living Experience

One of the common misconceptions people have about moving to a senior living community is that they will no longer be able to customize their home or their lifestyle in the way to which they’re accustomed. This is understandable: People who have never lived in a senior living community may not realize just how many options a good community can provide its residents. 

In the right community, your options won’t be limited — they’ll actually be able to grow exponentially. Retirement living communities like The Fairfax offer an abundance of highly customizable features, services, and lifestyle enhancements. These include home features, on-campus activities, off-campus amenities, and a whole lot more.

Read on to find out all the ways you can personalize your lifestyle at an active senior living community like The Fairfax.

Home Features

Living independently has a lot to do with making your own choices and living life how you choose. One of the ways independent living communities help you do this is by empowering you to create the home you want, so it’s truly your own. With beautiful, pristine, modern residences, these communities give you the opportunity to design a living space you’ll love — one that’s unique to you.

At The Fairfax, for instance, you can choose your apartment from among a number of contemporary, open floor plans with up to 2,300 square feet of space. With nine-foot ceilings, large windows, expansive views, and an oversized balcony or patio, your living space will provide bountiful space for you and your loved ones. Not only that, you’ll have a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, walk-in closets, and maintenance-free living thanks to the community’s on-campus services. That’s what carefree senior living is all about.

On-campus Services and Amenities

Modern senior communities don’t just provide a place for people to live — they offer first-class amenities and services that create a wonderful lifestyle, free from worry and stress. At a quality community, you can expect clean, professionally-maintained grounds and premises, courteous and responsible staff, and an array of leisure activities.

At The Fairfax, you’ll find amenities such as a private, gated entrance and underground heated parking — not to mention stylish, welcoming social spaces, festive outdoor conversation areas, and sweeping views of a lush, tree-lined campus. You’ll be able to take advantage of the on-campus spa and fitness center, the indoor pool (complete with instructor-led aquatic programs), and the walking and biking trails that extend beyond the campus. You’ll be able to meet friends and neighbors for meals at the dining center — with ever-changing, chef-prepared meals — and you’ll have the option of eating at the grab-and-go bistro with healthy, fresh options whenever you want a quick bite. 

Residents at The Fairfax will also benefit from a top-of-the-line Healthcare Center, which offers the security of Life Care provided by the exceptional medical staff of First Community Village. And the welcoming, vibrant neighborhood setting creates a true sense of community where residents engage in a full calendar of social, cultural, and wellness activities — staying active, healthy, and fulfilled in retirement. 

All of these amenities and services give you so much to choose from, bringing the idea of customization to almost everything that you do within the community. At The Fairfax, you really will get to live the way you want.

Off-campus Perks

The best senior living communities do more than provide a great lifestyle on-campus; they connect you to the surrounding area, so you can take full advantage of the rich cultural aspects of the place where you live.

In the case of The Fairfax, this means having access to the best that the Columbus, Ohio area has to offer. This includes upscale dining and shopping in Upper Arlington, the delights of downtown Columbus, the bustling campus of The Ohio State University, and the winding walking paths of the Scioto River. It also means you’ll be close to numerous houses of worship, parks, recreational areas, and countless entertainment options. These highlights are great for trips with partners, friends, or family. (Pro tip: Grandkids love the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. So do grandparents.)

Why is all this important? Because exploring the wider community is a wonderful way to stay connected and feel invigorated by all the exciting things happening around you — and because it’s a lot of fun!

Having access to all these perks ensures that your life at The Fairfax will be fresh, vibrant, and full of adventure, which truly provides a personalized experience. 

Life at The Fairfax

When The Fairfax opens in summer 2021, it will feature modern new residences to go with all the amenities and the incredible neighborhood feel of the existing First Community Village — making The Fairfax the first and only living opportunity of its kind in Columbus.

For more information about senior living at The Fairfax, visit our website or call us at 877-364-2570.

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Taking Advantage of Your Retirement Years

There’s a good reason your retirement years are known as your Golden Years — you’ve been working towards this time for much of your life, and now you get to enjoy the fruits of all that labor. You’ve earned the retirement you want, full of entertainment, activity, leisure, and an easy and comfortable living experience in a place where you feel at home. 

By retiring to an independent senior living community like The Fairfax, you can maximize the enjoyment you derive from retirement, maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and enjoy top-class amenities and services that will make your retirement years everything you want them to be and more.

The Benefits of Independent Senior Living

Independent living offers you the best of both worlds — the flexibility and freedom of living in your home, combined with the comforts, services, and relationships of life among a campus community of like-minded individuals. Independent senior living communities like The Fairfax give you the lifestyle you deserve, customizable to fit your interests — and that’s what active senior living is all about.

To make your retirement years as fulfilling as they can possibly be, retirement communities like The Fairfax provide residents with a plethora of things to do, people to meet, and places to go. Services at these communities tend to include home maintenance and repairs, onsite security staff, parking and transportation, landscaping, and of course dining options. 

Additionally, independent living communities provide residents with amenities, entertainment, lifelong learning, clubs and organizations, and many more pastimes that give residents the kinds of exciting, fulfilling opportunities that make each day an adventure.

If you stay in your current home or move to a traditional retirement home, you likely won’t have access to the same kinds of daily programming and services that a top-notch senior living community like The Fairfax can provide you. To take full advantage of your retirement years, an independent senior living community is arguably the best route you can take.

Health and Wellness in an Independent Senior Living Community

A key habit to get the most enjoyment out of your retirement is to be active and healthy, so you’re able to keep doing the things you love doing. Independent senior living communities are great for this, as they provide you with countless ways to stay as active as you desire.

Most independent living communities feature state-of-the-art fitness centers, often with professional staff on hand to offer guidance and lead group exercise programs. Some communities’ fitness programs even include advice on nutrition and physical therapy services.

Additionally, independent living communities like The Fairfax may have swimming pools, walking paths, and even spas — so you can exercise, revel in nature, and relax peacefully whenever you need. 

These types of amenities do more than just keep you occupied; they keep you healthy, prolong your life, and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing. This is critical for increased enjoyment and satisfaction during retirement, when those who do not stay active face worse health outcomes and report less contentment overall. This is why it’s so important for senior living communities to offer health and wellness programming.

Independent Senior Living at The Fairfax

Connected to the flourishing senior living community of First Community Village in Upper Arlington, Ohio, The Fairfax will be the luxury independent living destination for retirees in the greater Columbus area (and beyond). 

Retirement life at The Fairfax will provide you with the ultimate in comfort, from your home to the campus community to the surrounding area. Everything the community has to offer ensures that your Golden Years can be some of the best of your life.

Living at The Fairfax, you’ll enjoy a contemporary, open living space with a gourmet, top-of-the-line kitchen, a walk-in closet, nine-foot ceilings, and an oversized balcony or patio — among other perks and customizable features. You’ll also benefit from maintenance-free living, which means no tedious home repairs, fees, or worries.

The Fairfax expansion, as well as the First Community Village campus, boast a private, gated entrance, English Country Manor architecture, underground heated parking, pristine social spaces and outdoor gathering areas, and a lush, tree-lined landscape that is a joy to take in every day.

As for amenities, The Fairfax will create a welcoming and vibrant neighborhood setting, where residents will quickly form strong, lasting friendships. The dining center will offer ever-changing, chef-prepared meals, and also a grab-and-go bistro with quicker and lighter fare, and plenty of fresh and healthy options. Residents will benefit from the indoor pool with aquatic programming, the relaxing spa, the brand new fitness center, and walking and biking trails that extend even off-campus.

Residents at The Fairfax will also enjoy a full calendar of social, cultural, and wellness activities — so they can truly make the most of retirement. Off-campus activities only add to this, as residents can shop and dine in Upper Arlington; take in cultural experiences in downtown Columbus; walk along the beautiful Scioto River; and take excursions to all sorts of highlights like the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

To learn more about senior independent living at The Fairfax, visit the community’s website here, or call The Fairfax staff at 877-364-2570.

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Why Living in a Senior Living Community is Financially Savvy

Amenities are lovely to hear about when researching a senior living community for your retirement years. Sure, who doesn’t want to do a little dreaming about beautifully landscaped grounds and courtyards, elegant dining options, a spacious residence, and pool-side living? 

The luxuries are fabulous, and those planned for The Fairfax at First Community Village are right up there with the best of ’em. That said, we know something else is of utmost importance to seniors considering moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community: affordability and value. 

You’ve spent your lifetime making financial plans that would prepare you for retirement, so it’s only fair that you know you’re making a wise investment for housing and healthcare in your golden years. Most CCRCs operate on an entrance fee and monthly fee model. In return, you gain access to all the services and amenities that will keep you thriving in your golden years. That bundle model will save you tremendously if you were paying for your housing, care, and luxuries à la carte. 

Convenient Care, As You Need It  

We always start with healthcare when talking about the value of a senior living community because the continuum of care model available at some CCRCs –– referred to as Life Plan communities –– is such a unique opportunity to wisely invest for your future. 

Residents at Life Plan communities have access to a full range of care options when it comes to their health. The Fairfax, opening in summer 2021, will be an expansion of the existing community, First Community Village, a not-for-profit community. This means those who live there will be able to tap into the continuum of care resources at First Community Village. That includes independent living, senior assisted living, rehabilitation, memory care, and skilled nursing. 

A fee-for-service plan means you’ll never have to pay for services you don’t use. If you need it, it’s there. If you don’t, why pay for it? That peace-of-mind that the care you need will be there when you need it is truly priceless. You won’t have to pay money to relocate if your health needs change in a few years to where you may need assistance beyond what’s provided in somewhere like a rental community or ownership community. 

Wellness also falls under that care umbrella at an active adult community. You won’t be paying for gym memberships or wellness activities. Take advantage of things like an indoor pool with aquatic programming, walking/biking trails that extend off campus, or an activity from a full calendar of wellness activities to keep your mind and body sharp and active. 

Offload The Cost & Time of Upkeep

Think about all the time you spend maintaining your current residence. There are the physical seasonal tasks like shoveling snow, cutting your lawn, and cleaning out the gutters. There are the appliances that inexplicably stop doing their jobs. There is that pesky faucet that won’t stop drip-drip-dripping. Why isn’t the WiFi working? You know, those “this really isn’t how I wanted to be spending my weekend,” tasks. 

If you’re not handling the upkeep of owning and maintaining a house yourself, you may be paying someone to do those necessary jobs. And then there is the mental burden of things like property taxes and bill-paying that eat up hours of your day and money in your bank account. Wouldn’t you rather not have to deal with any of that again?

The “it’ll be taken care of for you” factor of CCRC living means you won’t be taking the time, or opening your wallet, to take care of both the routine or unexpected maintenance tasks that typically accompany homeownership. Housekeeping services are also available if you desire. Leave all of those concerns to a team of reliable professionals, and spend your time and money on something you truly want to be doing.

The Sooner, The Better…and More Affordable

A lot of factors go into finding the ideal senior living community for you or a loved one. Everyone has a different idea of the community they’d like to find in their retirement years, and the geographic area they’d like to be settled in. At The Fairfax, that community looks like 70 contemporary apartment homes built in the English Country Manor style in Columbus, Ohio. 

We advise you to seize the moment if what you’ve learned about The Fairfax lines up with your vision for a senior living community. Reserving now is the most financially savvy move to ensure you’ll be getting the lowest rates and many other unique benefits that won’t be available to those who wait. The Fairfax isn’t open yet, but many have already reserved their spot to join our community. That advice goes for any continuing care retirement community –– ask about the savings that come with reserving early!

Continuing browsing our website to learn more about the benefits of senior living and about The Fairfax. And remember, you can always get in touch with us directly with any questions you may have as you research your senior living options.

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How Baby Boomers Are Changing Senior Living

People are looking to independent living communities for a sense of freedom and convenience, possibly even before retirement. The common denominator amongst the people in this phase of their lives is that many of them are included in the Baby Boomer generation.

Baby boomers are having a large impact on retirement and senior living. This is a generation of like-minded individuals, so targeting their needs and exceeding their expectations creates a cohesive community for an enjoyable senior living experience.

Because most of the people who are looking into retirement communities right now were born of the Baby Boomer generation, residents are forming familiar bonds with each other they may not have expected.

Whether you’ve begun considering your retirement options or not, it is important to know that your generation is shaping the future of senior living. And it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

The Baby Boomer Impact

With amenities and services custom-made to enhance your life, the stigma around retirement is rapidly changing. When you think about retirement, what is it that you imagine? Whether you see a more calm and relaxed lifestyle, a vibrant and active day to day, or a combination of both, the choice is yours. 

You have the independence to live as you wish. 

In order to keep up with the shifting dynamic of the Baby Boomer generation, retirement communities are having to completely restructure their framework. But, luckily for you, The Fairfax is in the process of designing a retirement community centered around you and all things baby boomer.

And what is The Fairfax you may ask?

Introducing The Fairfax 

Imagine a spacious residence with luxurious features and amenities in a community with endless possibilities. Envision lavish dining with exquisite cuisine. Picture yourself in a close-knit community of seniors simultaneously pursuing their passions — that is The Fairfax.  

The Fairfax is an expansion of First Community Village, which is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or Life Plan Community, offering unique amenities and comprehensive healthcare services in Columbus, Ohio. When The Fairfax opens in summer 2021, it will feature 70 contemporary apartment homes in the English Country Manor style.

 Your generation has been the inspiration for this community. The ideas, morals, and history of the baby boomers are rooted in the amenities, the passion, and all that is to come to The Fairfax.

The Campus, Location and Amenities

Baby boomers are known for valuing choice, community involvement, and independence. At The Fairfax, we do not take your values lightly. We know these values have molded you into the wise individual you are today. With every aspect of the community thought out with deep consideration, The Fairfax has crafted desirable amenities and services that align with your values!

To name a few:

  • Maintenance-free living
  • A vibrant neighborhood setting with sweeping views of a lush, tree-lined campus
  • Private, gated entrance for security
  • Spa, fitness center, and an indoor pool with aquatic programming
  • Climate controlled parking
  • Warm and welcoming social spaces, along with a full schedule of social, cultural, and wellness activities
  • Walking and biking trails
  • Upscale dining and shops within walking distance


The Healthcare

In the past, retirement communities have offered the same, limited healthcare services to all members, but there is no successful one-size-fits-all approach in healthcare. Everyone has their own unique healthcare needs and we understand how important it is to address them, individually.

One of the special things about a Continuing Care Retirement Community is the personalization of healthcare. At First Community Village, we offer various layers of healthcare services such as independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and memory care. By living at The Fairfax, you can enjoy an active lifestyle and have all your individual healthcare needs met, while also maintaining a high level of personal wellbeing.

 The Food

One thing that cannot fly under the radar is your unique palate. Over the years, you’ve experienced both traditional and contemporary flavors; you’ve dined at the best restaurants; and you’ve experienced the love and warmth of a home-cooked meal. No longer can senior living communities get by with mundane menus and insipid food. Your generation has pushed the threshold of all things dining. 

And at The Fairfax, we know that to be true. Whether you choose to enjoy an artisan, chef-prepared meal in our dining center, a home-cooked meal in your state-of-the-art, gourmet kitchen, or to wander to Downtown Columbus/Upper Arlington, the possibilities are endless.

Senior living is no longer about settling down; but rather living advantageously, passionately, and luxuriously. You’ve done your fair share of hard work, and now, it is time for you to live the life you’ve always wanted — always craved. To inquire about available homes or to schedule a visit, call us at 877-364-2570 or visit our website at Your future at The Fairfax awaits!