Why You Should Stay Active in Senior Living

Maintaining an active lifestyle as you get older can be challenging, but it’s crucial to prioritize keeping both your mind and body in shape. In an active retirement community, activities for seniors to strengthen the mind and body are offered frequently and conveniently. And best of all, these enriching activities allow you to enjoy yourself, while also welcoming the company of others. 

Active senior living communities offer various activities and programs for you to get involved in, often right on site. If the location is elsewhere, communities typically arrange transportation to and from the site. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice the hobbies that bring you fulfillment and joy. 

In fact, you’ll be able to participate in them more frequently than you would have if you lived at home. And since these programs are so easily accessible, you also have the opportunity to check out new hobbies, and maybe fall in love with something new.

Staying active as a senior will not only keep you feeling happier, it’s also necessary for preventing injuries and fighting off disease the body is prone to as it ages. Read on to find out more about why exercise is so important to senior health.

Exercise for Social Connection

In an active senior living community, there are many exercise programs available to residents. These programs involve joining in with others for a class or a group workout activity. Retirees are especially susceptible to depression and social isolation, but these group exercise opportunities will allow you to stay connected to others.

In a report by USA Today, sociologist Patricia Thomas, a faculty associate in the Center on Aging and the Life Course at Purdue University states, “Maintaining that social engagement can give you a greater sense of purpose and give a sense of motivation that can make you behave in ways that are better for your health.”

Creating new friendships will help you to feel generally happier, as you’ll have someone to share new experiences with. You’ll also be participating in activities to keep you mentally and physically sharp for a healthy mind and body. 

Manage Body Weight

As we age, our metabolism slows down and it’s more important than ever to incorporate exercise into your routine. Take an active role in managing your body weight in an effort to avoid dealing with serious illness or injury down the line. 

Prevent Falls

Unfortunately, falls can cause very serious injury but taking the appropriate precautions can strengthen the body and prevent these injuries. An active lifestyle will build muscle strength, resulting in improved bone health and increased balance. Low impact exercises (walking, using the elliptical, swimming, yoga, pilates, etc.) are effective methods to building muscle strength. 

Promote Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Consistent physical activity – both cardio and strength training – improves cardiovascular health and reduces risk of heart disease. You’ll feel better after taking a walk or a swim, and your heart will thank you for it. 

Increase Energy and Focus

Another benefit of exercise is that it’s linked to improved cognitive function and motor skills, allowing you to be more focused on your tasks. More productive days will allow you to live a higher quality life. 

Reduce Hypertension

If you’re dealing with hypertension as a senior, try managing it with exercise, as aerobic activity is proven to help lower blood pressure. With 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (walking, hiking, swimming, etc.) around five times a week, you can lower blood pressure, stress and decrease the risk of certain cardiovascular issues.

See the Sights

Staying active definitely does not mean you have to walk on a treadmill in the gym for 30 minutes a day. Lace up your walking shoes and hit the town! Explore the cities that surround the senior living community and take in all it has to offer. Check out restaurants and dining options, historical landmarks, or recreational parks.

At The Fairfax, suburban Columbus is located in Upper Arlington and it offers all the benefits you’d expect from a major American city like Columbus, while avoiding some of the inconveniences that living directly within a city can bring about.

Maintain Your Wellness – But Don’t Overdo It

Put your safety first and make sure to always speak with your doctor before joining new workout programs. It’s common for retirees to be focused on their exercise plans, but it’s crucial to stick with your own pace. Come up with a plan that you’re comfortable with that incorporates a balanced diet and healthy choices.

Even activities such as golf or a brisk walk around the block at your retirement community counts as exercise. You do not have to overdue it to stay fit.

You may want to learn more about what will be available at The Fairfax, and come see the site for yourself. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them—and if you want to visit The Fairfax and First Community Village in person, we will be thrilled to have you.

Call us at 877-364-2570 or visit us at tourthefairfax.com. Your future at The Fairfax awaits!

What It Means to Stay Independent in Senior Living

Growing older and living in a retirement community shouldn’t mean that you are giving up your freedom or losing your independence. In fact, in the right setting, it can mean the exact opposite. 

Independent senior living is for those who don’t require assistance with the tasks of daily life, but are seeking a carefree lifestyle. At an independent living community, you can focus on what’s most important to you. Participate in an array of daily activities, find new hobbies and enjoy old ones, and join a fulfilling community of individuals who share your desire for a simpler retirement life. 

Finding a place that will give you what you need out of retirement living, while also allowing you to enjoy your freedom, is what independent living and senior living is all about. In a community like The Fairfax, you are still able to live independently and take advantage of the many amenities, knowing that care will be available for you in the future. So you are not only investing in your future healthcare, but an independent lifestyle with lots to offer in the present. So why independent living? 

The lifestyle you deserve.

As you get older, participating in your favorite activities can become difficult. Finding a place  or a group where you can enjoy your hobbies can also be challenging, and may require you to travel a far distance. But these opportunities are available in abundance at independent living communities like The Fairfax. Independent living services make it easy for you to do all of those things you love, without having to venture too far. 

The Fairfax makes it easy for you to choose from different activities and presents it right to you. You don’t have to travel, we’ll arrange everything. All you have to do is choose – which can be tough with the vast offerings available.

A sense of community.

It’s not unlikely for aging to turn into isolation as traveling to spend time with others becomes more of a burden. A senior living community allows people to join a group of others to spend time with, laugh with, and share in beautiful life experiences.

In addition, socializing with others keeps your mind sharp. While you’re speaking, listening, and expressing yourself, you’re performing mental tasks and exercising your brain. Participating in activities and engaging in conversations with others can help you lead a happier life than if you remained in your home. 

Additional benefits of socialization for seniors includes:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased fitness 
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Less anxiety
  • Greater self esteem


A healthy body.

You may be in top notch shape currently, but your health needs may be greater as you age. With independent living, there are health care services on site whenever you need them. Professional staff and nurses are nearby to assist with any aches, pains, or ailments you may have.

Leave housework behind.

The burdens of owning a home can start to consume all of your energy when you’d rather use it elsewhere. And when you add up all the time you’re spending cleaning and organizing, tending to appliances, and working on landscape, it may seem that you’re dedicating a good portion of your day to your home. 

Instead, spend time with your friends and family, or focusing on your favorite hobbies. At a senior living community, most of this basic housework will be taken care of. Enjoy luxury living without the additional stresses of keeping a home.

Seize the moment.

First Community Village has continuously provided a premier independent living program since 1963. Upper Arlington, Ohio serves as the setting for senior independent living, offers its residents more freedom, eliminates the burdens of home ownership and allows more time to enjoy what’s most important. The suburban Columbus location allows for benefits you expect of a major American city, while avoiding the inconveniences of city life. 

When it opens in summer 2021, The Fairfax expansion will feature 70 contemporary apartment homes in the English Country Manor style along with all the amenities of First Community Village. A close community both in terms of its welcoming culture and its proximity to the civic attractions of Upper Arlington, The Fairfax offers what is truly the first and only living opportunity of its kind in Columbus.

While many of our 70 apartment homes are already reserved at The Fairfax, there are still choice floor plans and views available. Reserving now, and with no obligation, ensures you the lowest rates and many other unique benefits that won’t be available to those who wait.

Please call or visit tourthefairfax.com today so we can address any questions you may have or schedule a time to share with you our floor plans and scale model.