Live Happy and Well in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

If you or a loved one are looking for retirement living options in your area, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also known as a Life Plan Community, is likely the best option. At a CCRC, you can enjoy an active lifestyle, have all your healthcare needs met, and maintain a high level of personal wellbeing.

In this post, we’ll discuss what makes CCRC senior living models superior:

  • They feature a different setup from traditional communities.
  • They help seniors get the most value possible out of their senior living community.
  • They provide premium care services for their residents, delivering peace of mind and affordability in a carefree senior living environment.
  • They offer seniors the chance to move into vibrant communities with like-minded, active seniors.

Why CCRCs are Different

As we’ll discuss later, there are many ways that CCRCs (a.k.a. Life Plan Communities) deliver value for their residents. In general, Life Plan Communities provide optimal living conditions for seniors—so much so that they can live happier and healthier lives because of it.

The primary way that these communities differ from other senior living communities is that CCRCs account for all the lifestyle and health needs of their residents. They offer a host of services and amenities for residents to enjoy, and they provide lifelong healthcare and assisted living options so that residents never have to relocate to another community if their healthcare needs increase.

The continuity of living in a CCRC gives seniors a sense of security and belonging. If you move to a CCRC such as The Fairfax at First Community Village in Upper Arlington, you’ll do so knowing that you’ll be able to spend the entirety of your retirement there, in the presence of friends.

Happiness, Health, and Value

Numerous medical studies have shown that seniors who remain active—physically, mentally, and socially—live longer, enjoy better overall health, retain their independence, and face lower rates of depression and loneliness than seniors who live sedentary, isolated lifestyles.

Because CCRC communities promote physical, mental, and social activity among their residents, these communities actually make a tangible difference in improving and prolonging their residents’ lives.

How does this happen? Using First Community Village as an example, we can see how residents enjoy independent living (in homes of their choosing) while also knowing that, should they need other types of care, the community has their needs covered.

The residents also have access to premium amenities and services such as a state-of-the-art therapy gym, a variety of clubs and activities, a wellness clinic, a full-service salon, a library, an indoor pool, private rehabilitation suites, and qualified on-site medical staff. These amenities and services encourage the kind of active senior lifestyle that yields better health and happiness outcomes.

A Continuum of Care

CCRCs, by definition, are designed to cover the full continuum of care that seniors may need as they age. At The Fairfax at First Community Village, this continuum includes independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation, memory care, and skilled nursing services.

Different Life Plan Communities have different fee models; at First Community Village near Columbus, OH, residents benefit from a fee-for-service model that enables them to pay only for the care services they need, and none of the services they don’t use.

By making the costs of care predictable up front, and by locating all the care services seniors may need in one place, CCRCs make it so their residents no longer need to worry about how they’ll receive care if their health needs increase.

Community Spirit

When the new expansion called The Fairfax officially opens in summer 2021, it will join already bustling First Community Village, which has provided a premier lifestyle for seniors in the Columbus area since 1963.

At First Community Village, residents quickly come to discover a group of engaging, cultured, and social individuals who share a love for exploration, growth, and friendship. The amenities, services, care, and lavish lifestyle at First Community Village will become even more top-class once The Fairfax officially opens—and the community spirit of the Village’s residents will be stronger than ever.

As mentioned before, this sense of community togetherness isn’t merely a nice thing that doesn’t matter all that much—it’s a critical component for meeting seniors’ social needs. Living in a tight-knit community helps seniors thrive during their retirement years and equips them with carefree living.

Discover The Fairfax

As the next generation of retirement living on the campus of First Community Village, the expansion called The Fairfax will feature 70 brand-new residences and all of the benefits that today’s seniors deserve. From spacious, modern homes to superior amenities, premium services, expert medical care, and flexible care options, The Fairfax will be a part of one of Ohio’s top senior living communities—right off the bat.

To learn more about CCRCs in general or The Fairfax specifically, visit The Fairfax and First Community Village websites.