Experience Freedom with Lock and Leave Senior Living

Retirement living means more freedom—freedom to do things you’ve never done before, freedom to travel, freedom to spend your time on hobbies you enjoy and with people you love. If you’re a homeowner, though, that freedom can be restricted. The regular home maintenance restrictions like daily chores, can make it hard to leave your house for long—and home security concerns can be unsettling. Finding help and time to deal with those larger more burdensome projects like roof repair, appliance malfunctions, and leaks or painting upkeep can make home ownership seem overwhelming.

That’s why many retirees looking for carefree senior living choose to reside in a lock and leave senior living community like The Fairfax at First Community Village. With lock and leave, you can enjoy your life and leave your home without having to worry about everyday responsibilities or maintenance.

There are numerous advantages to modern senior living communities that offer a flexible, lock and leave lifestyle. In this post, we’ll discuss how this can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Freedom to travel
  • Security and peace of mind
  • Low-maintenance home care
  • Community support
  • Amenities and services

Freedom to Travel

As you can tell from the name, lock and leave means that you can leave your home for days, weeks, or even months at a time without thinking twice about what you’ll find when you come back. Obviously, this is a huge benefit when it comes to traveling, as locking your door and leaving to explore the world is much more enjoyable without the hassles of home ownership.

If you envision a retirement of jet-setting adventure—or even simply more trips to see family and friends—lock and leave senior living in a community like The Fairfax is ideal for indulging your traveling spirit.

Security and Peace of Mind

Another tremendous advantage of carefree senior living communities is the security they offer. The Fairfax at First Community Village, for example, has a private, gated entrance for enhanced security. This means that when you’re not at home, your home is still safe—so you can enjoy the kind of peace of mind that is difficult to attain when you have a home in a non-gated neighborhood.

Low-maintenance Home Care

Most retirement living includes maintenance services to ensure that you don’t have to undertake the kinds of expensive and time-consuming home repairs and tasks that cause homeowners headaches, year after year. At The Fairfax, residents enjoy maintenance-free living—a major factor to the lock and leave lifestyle.

Community Support

Senior living is even more enjoyable when neighbors come together and look out for each other, and that’s the kind of environment The Fairfax will provide.

“Living at First Community Village means carefree trips out of town as my neighbors watch my home and bring in the newspaper, my packages and even water my flowers and report on bunnies nibbling my favorite flowers.” says, Marylin Jennings, who lives in a Manor Home at First Community Village.

Amenities and Services

Additionally, modern senior living communities like The Fairfax make a carefree lifestyle possible by providing residents with services, amenities, and features, such as underground temperature controlled parking (ideal for leaving your car behind), security services, residences designed for lock and leave use, and accessible walkways and entrances (which come in handy when lugging suitcases).

The Fairfax – An Expansion of First Community Village

A carefree retirement—a retirement full of the freedom you want—truly is possible. The Fairfax is bringing 70 new apartments that create an intimate senior living setting within the larger, amenity-filled FCV community.

To learn more about the lock and leave lifestyle at The Fairfax, visit our website or call us at 877-364-2570 to explore our open home availability and schedule a visit.